Lucky Stranger

Yesterday afternoon I was checking my email when I got a most exciting message. Below is an excerpt.

“Recently I discovered a blank postcard in the pen aisle while shopping; I’ll be popping it into the mailbox tomorrow morning. After checking out your project I would love to take my participation to the next level and volunteer to distribute some postcards in my city…”

“It’s finally happened!” I said to myself. Someone who discovered a postcard checked out the web site, plans to add something and return it AND decided to receive a packet of postcards to place around town. Asami Ramirez is that someone and she tweeted about it.

Asami found a postcard placed by @lundygras

Asami found a postcard placed by @lundygras

Asami designs and creates some beautiful nail art. [asami’s blog]

Halloween Nail Art by Asami Ramirez

Halloween Nail Art by Asami Ramirez

I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of addition she makes to the postcard she found.

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4 Responses to Lucky Stranger

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  2. awedjob says:

    @Corinna me too!

    @Asami It’s my pleasure. Can’t wait to send you your packet.

  3. Asami says:

    Thank you tremendously for featuring me! I’m so glad to have fortuitously discovered this project; I’m very much looking forward to becoming a volunteer.

    This post made me really happy to see; thank you for making me feel so welcome here.

  4. congratulations! that is super awesome! brought a nice smile to my face this morning.

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