Bedazzled By Bookseller Bevy

Just look at this postcard! There is so much packed into it. By far my favorite is “Q: What’s brown and sticky?”

This One Is A Page Turner!

This One Is A Page Turner!

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5 Responses to Bedazzled By Bookseller Bevy

  1. Posy says:

    awesome!! this may have been from the guy that, as i was leaving the shop, went “WAIT, did you leave this behind?” and i said “i left it behind on purpose” 😀

    • awedjob says:

      That is a happy addition to the story. Gives me an idea. “This postcard was left here on purpose. Please add something and return to me.” Think that will be the new message.

  2. Asami says:

    This is a great one! I really like the thumb print. Also, I see Bulbasaur, my favorite Pokemon. 🙂

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