Junior Postcard Volunteers

His first placement

His first placement

Yesterday morning my family and I went out for breakfast. While we waited for our table my children and I sauntered through the attached mall and placed a few postcards. My son put his first one up in an elevator. It’s right across the way from the restaurant which meant he could keep an eye on the traffic in and out of the elevator.

Hearts and Flowers in the Elevator

Hearts and Flowers in the Elevator

He must have checked 5 times before we sat down to eat. Even after  we finished our meal he kept checking. The card was still there by the time we headed home. I could see his little mind racing as he tried to figure out a way to get that postcard into the hands of someone who would appreciate it and not some employee who would toss it into the rubbish bin.

Ocean Music on the Bench

Ocean Music on the Bench

We arrived early so only the restaurants were open and none of the regular shops. The only people at the mall at that time of day were eaters and walkers. The bench where we placed a postcard was in the middle of the mall. By the time we walked down to the book store at the end, placed another postcard and came back, this one was gone.

I placed this one inside Pottery Barn Kids. I debated whether to place it postage-side or artwork-side out. There were a few other pieces of “artwork” up on the board as some form of ambiance. My child’s postcard made a nice addition. I opted for postage-side out since the artwork may have blended in a bit too much and the card could have gone unnoticed by all but the staff.

Below are some more images from our postcard placement outing.


Tree Stage Inside Barnes & Noble

Tree Stage Inside Barnes & Noble

Tree Stage

Tree Stage





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2 Responses to Junior Postcard Volunteers

  1. Mim says:

    Cute cute cute! I remember the first time I put up a piece of tiny art work for someone to find, and a book that I’d registered with BookCrossing. I was so nervous. Like I was doing something really clandestine. I hope there were finders and that they were delighted.

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