A Happy Accident

Mushroom Neighbor

Mushroom Neighbor

I didn’t place this postcard anywhere. None of the volunteers placed this postcard anywhere. And yet there it was in my mail box today! To what do we owe the pleasure of your presence random postcard?

Read below to find out who this Lucky Stranger is. I strongly encourage you to visit the sender’s web site. It is a nice little journey.

Thank You Mia!

Thank You Mia!

Feb 19 / 2011

Hi there!
So it turns out that I live in the very next apartment building, but at the same suite # as one of your volunteers! What an intriguing surprise when her pack of postcards was mis-delivered to me. I quite enjoyed your website and decided to send you a postcard of my own!

-mia 🙂

*she does mail art too!

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