Postcard In A Bottle

Out and about today I witnessed a distressed child chasing after a bundle of helium-filled balloons as the wind whisked them away forever. When I was a boy I remember a project of letters tied to helium balloons. Instructions for the finder asked them to return the letter and indicate where they found the balloon. Return2.Me is kinda like that. It’s also kinda like a message in a bottle flung into the vast ocean. There’s no telling who will come into contact with a postcard and return it.

Read Me

Read Me

I will obtain a bunch of bottles, fill them with messages and return postage and place them around my town. Life can be a grind at times. I want to introduce some beauty and a touch of magic to a person’s day. Lately I have been thinking of many side-projects that I intend will achieve this goal.

  • Read Me Bottles – message in a bottle inviting others to read and return
  • Pass It On – Cards symbolizing joy are given to someone who gives it to someone who gives it to someone else…
  • 3 Nice Things – share 3 nice things that happened to you today
  • I Will ______! – invitation to declare one’s goals
  • What Happens Next? – a story whose ending is supplied by the person who discovers the postcard
  • Doodle Done – incomplete illustrations asking for completion

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2 Responses to Postcard In A Bottle

  1. Brandon Rowe says:

    What about cards with QR codes??

    • awedjob says:

      I’ve thought about it. Not sure where I’d put it though. Already there are many things on the card. I wonder how small I could make it and still have it work.

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