Month In Limbo

Even though applying all of the Postcard I.D. labels was a royal pain, it actually bore fruit. Enchiladaplate was the only person to receive a 4th Batch of postcards with the labels. She wrote down the date she placed this card as 3/11/11 or the 11th of March, 2011. It was postmarked the 12th of April, 2011.

What happened to this card in that month in between?

I like the ink blot with the stringy, blown lines. It reminds me of The Daily Monster by Stefan G. Bucher. This illustration is done by Rob Buttrum. I think. Kinda hard to make out the name at the bottom of the card.

Thanks for filling in the missing letters of the address Enchiladaplate. From the note she left, it appears to have been placed in “Denton P” but I can’t make it out quite clear.

098 Rorschach Blot

098 Rorschach Blot

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