Ms. Nutella

[edit – Nicole left translations in the comments “white or black we all love chocolate.”]

I love chocolate

I love chocolate

This is the second postcard I have received from Nicole’s placements in France. Where is the first? I got back on Sunday from a couple of weeks of travel. Monday I picked up two new returns and promptly forgot them at my in-laws house.

One is from France the other is from Montana. I will post them on Thursday.

If you know what this says, I’d appreciate some translation help.
[“look to the east – we are waving hello from the west of France in Pouliguen, Brittany! Fabrice”]

Lulu & Camille

Lulu & Camille

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2 Responses to Ms. Nutella

  1. Nicole says:

    In one location I watched a preteen pick up the postcard and try to take the stamp off it. She gave up after awhile and put it back where I had wedged it (it didn’t just lay there in an easy spot)! We’ll see if it comes back!

  2. Nicole says:

    Cool!!! This one I left on the port in Pouliguen in southern Brittany. On the front it says, “white or black we all love chocolate.” On the back it says, “look to the east – we are waving hello from the west of France in Pouliguen, Brittany! Fabrice” It looks like a sweet family sent it – Lulu, Camille (who may be just a little child), Manon, Cath and Fabrice. Great artists, those kids! I can’t make out the email address, but I would write them back if I had it. I love the drawing of the French and American flags together.

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