Skateboarding Turtle

The stamp, the staple, the torn bits near the bar-code, puzzle pieces, hand-drawn eyes and the machine-stamped “please remember to write the postcode clearly” are all proof of interaction with this card. Someone or something did those things. It is exactly this kind of connection with others that fascinates and delights me.

So many of my dealings with other people, outside my family, are online. Computers increase the number and limit the type of meetings I have many new people. No way could I have met somebody living in New Caledonia. It is also doubtful I will ever see him in person. Having a postcard from him or from “Beanie Mouse”, living in the South of England, make them both more real.

155 Found & Returned

155 Found & Returned

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  1. Ah yes. The skateboarding turtle!!!!! Glad that arrived!!!

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