Anything Is Possible

It finally came! The postcard that @Live_Vancouver found finally came in the mail today. Here’s the post about its discovery. The show looks very interesting. Too bad I won’t be able to check out “Terror at Rock Out Beach” cuz it sounds superb.

156 It's Five In The Morning

156 It's Five In The Morning

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Screaming Chicken Burlesque

Screaming Chicken Burlesque


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1 Response to Anything Is Possible

  1. Wow, that got to you a lot faster than I expected!

    I was tempted to slip a surprise in between the postcard of the show that I was at and the original postcard that I covered up. However, I didn’t think that the customs at the border would be so appreciative of such a gesture.

    I had some gel pens and stickers in my desk for when clients with kids come around and decided to use those to add some “life” to the card. I soon realized that writing things in colour doesn’t really make it artsy, it just makes it more difficult to read. So in purple, it reads “Anything is Possible”, in green is reads “Never Give Up” and in orange it reads “Send Wonder” which are from Jamie D Grant’s Send Wonder Campaign. You are Beautiful is from Christina Aguillera…. I mean… Scott’s postcard, as is the sideways smiley face. And the final Thank You in red, is to Thank You! Be it Scott, Mia, Diane or anyone else taking the time to read this. Thank you for being you.

    Have an amazing day!

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