Look For TB 2.0

It took almost 3 weeks but @Live_Vancouver received his packet of specialized, Truly Beautiful 2.0 postcards. He has been placing them around his town and giving them to some friends so they can place some too.

The difference with these cards is the finder keeps the postcard and is asked to leave a comment on a special page here telling where they found it. Somebody has been picking up the cards because when the volunteers circle back a couple of hours later, the cards are gone.

So far no comments have been left. Perhaps closer to 20 postcards will need to be placed before just one garners a response. That would match the ratio of the physically returned postcards. Those in the Vancouver area, keep an eye out for them.

#04 - BC church hall

#04 - BC church hall

#05 Olympic Rings, Whistler

#05 Olympic Rings, Whistler

#05 Rings, Detail

#05 Rings, Detail

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2 Responses to Look For TB 2.0

  1. Brandon Rowe says:

    Yo dude can I get some cards?

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