Miranda Cross-Country

Miranda has been busy placing postcards on her cross-country trip. See more placements here.

Georgia Info Center #4

Georgia Info Center #4

Virginia Rest #20

Virginia Rest #20

South Carolina Info #27

South Carolina Info #27

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5 Responses to Miranda Cross-Country

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  2. Miranda says:

    Any returns??

    • awedjob says:

      Yes. 12 arrived between Monday and Tuesday. More came today. I will pick them up later tonight. Of the 12 I already have, don’t think any are from your placements. Did get your confirmation card with Emily’s drawing.

      • Miranda says:

        Awe! I hope some get returned!

      • awedjob says:

        Me too! Keep in mind that some of the recent returns are from the 4th Batch which I mailed out in February. It can take that long for someone to actually find a postcard. Also a person can hang on to a postcard for weeks before returning it.

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