These past 6 weeks

Right around the time of my last post on this blog I began working on http://Affirm.Me a peer to peer life coaching service. Most of my free time has been channeled to this effort. I am excited to present it to the world because it will give everyone a tool to easily help and show love to one another.

I was in an auto accident on the 11th of November. Nobody was hurt. My car is still in the shop.

Next came Thanksgiving. While it is not an unplanned event, I did bake pies and other foods.

On the 4th of December a long-time friend of mine died suddenly and tragically. My emotions are a mixture of sadness and anger. It was entirely preventable. Time and care are what I need.

There are many postcards to tell you about and in the coming days over the winter, holiday break, I will post them.

Thank you for visiting, for volunteering to place cards, for discovering them and for returning them to me.

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1 Response to These past 6 weeks

  1. mim4mail says:

    I’m so sorry about your friend. It takes a lot of time to grieve. The year anniversary of my friend’s death just passed and I still think of her a lot. I’d known her since we were kids. I look forward to seeing the cards that have been returned to you. In the meantime, Happy New Year.

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