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Anything Is Possible

It finally came! The postcard that @Live_Vancouver found finally came in the mail today. Here’s the post about its discovery. The show looks very interesting. Too bad I won’t be able to check out “Terror at Rock Out Beach” cuz … Continue reading

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Live, From Vancouver!

On Saturday, I got a mention from @Live_Vancouver once he found a postcard. We have corresponded since then and he has given me an interesting suggestion for a new side-project. It’s a variation of one that already exists. I’ll let … Continue reading

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5 of 100

About a fortnight ago I mailed out fifteen packets. Five were returned. One packet came back repeatedly after three separate attempts. Volunteers are placing them so I am not sure what has caused the recent scarcity of returns. My friend … Continue reading

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Postcard In A Bottle

Out and about today I witnessed a distressed child chasing after a bundle of helium-filled balloons as the wind whisked them away forever. When I was a boy I remember a project of letters tied to helium balloons. Instructions for … Continue reading

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A Happy Accident

I didn’t place this postcard anywhere. None of the volunteers placed this postcard anywhere. And yet there it was in my mail box today! To what do we owe the pleasure of your presence random postcard? Read below to find … Continue reading

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Exciting Arrival

It came! Asami Ramirez‘s card finally came. Go here for the rest of the story. artwork | volunteer | placement | link | lucky stranger

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Lucky Stranger

Yesterday afternoon I was checking my email when I got a most exciting message. Below is an excerpt. “Recently I discovered a blank postcard in the pen aisle while shopping; I’ll be popping it into the mailbox tomorrow morning. After … Continue reading

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