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Black Rock City Trio

Three batch 4 postcards from Nevada postmarked September 6th. All have unique pen markings in the upper right part of the postcard. This is why I started putting a volunteer number and postcard number on each postcard. There’s no telling … Continue reading

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Hoosier Froggy

Adam Quirk was the second of the Wreck and Salvage trio to get a packet of postcards from me. I’m short of card stock right now so I sent along two complete “Expectant Frog” sets and about 20 “Truly Beautiful” … Continue reading

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Expectant Flower

If anyone knows what sort of flower is depicted on the front of this postcard, please leave a comment below. It may just be something from the Lucky Stranger’s imagination. If not, I’d like to know what it is. Thank … Continue reading

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Expecting Returns!

Well I declare, I was truly surprised to see this return. I placed this at the Wedge Coop back in February. Looking at the file data for the picture of its placement, I put it there on the 15th of … Continue reading

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Return of the Slice

Anyone know who these skateboarding characters are? I have never seen them before. Have you? artwork | volunteer | placement | link I like this interpretation of the lines. They made it into a landscape complete with trees and a … Continue reading

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Slice Of Life

While playing with my daughter today I thought of a project for #return2me that can increase audience participation. This post by @transiit got me thinking about a line-art postcard that would encourage people to color it in. Meet “Expectant Frog”. … Continue reading

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