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Tropical Garfield

All the way from New Caledonia! artwork | volunteer | placement | link

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Get Carded

The “Me” in Return2.Me isn’t always me, Scott Moore. It could be you dear reader. Would you like it to be you? Before you get all excited allow me to explain that it would be for a side-project. A tinkering … Continue reading

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I’ve been busy during the past few days of lean returns. Every batch, special project, volunteer, placement and return that has an image associated with it is being posted in an appropriate gallery. Please browse the first batch postcards and … Continue reading

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Shooting Blanks

I have a couple ideas on how to improve the likelihood a Lucky Stranger will add words, drawings or pictures to the postcards. Do you have any ideas? What are they? I’m all for the kindness people are exhibiting in … Continue reading

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