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Dragon Fly


Checking out some other postcard groups helped me to find the Swap-Bot site. It is designed specifically for snail-mail swaps of many things including postcards. I created an account and signed up for my first swap.

I have decided to create my four postcards with brush and ink on watercolor paper. After visiting the profile page of the person I was assigned to receive my cards, I have decided to create some insect and animal images. My first postcard is of a dragonfly resting on a cattail. I will post the other three images here as well as the four cards I am slated to receive from somebody else participating in the same swap.

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Heartwarming Bottle News

Jon Moore w/ Bottle  (AP Photo/US Navy - Jay C. Pugh) Thursday, Sept. 15, 2011 photo provided by the U.S. Navy, Petty Officer Jon Moore stands on the beach at Pacific Missile Range Facility, Hawaii while removing a message from a bottle sent from Kagoshima, Japan more than five years ago

Jon Moore w/ Bottle (AP Photo/US Navy - Jay C. Pugh)

I just came across this story today. A five-year journey for a message and photo in a bottle tossed into the sea by a graduating Japanese school girl.

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Making Their Way

Over the weekend I have learned that at least 3 of the latest volunteers have received their packets. New pictures and returns soon to follow.

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Last 3

Numbering Postcards

Numbering Postcards

Just numbered and packed up the last three packets for the 6th batch of postcards. How many will come back from this group of 320 postcards sent to 10 different people all over the world? That’s the best part in my humble opinion.

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10 of 10 Taken

This morning I mailed out 7 packets containing 6th Batch postcards. If you volunteered this time around, look for yours soon. Yesterday I got another email from a person wanting to volunteer to place postcards. That’s a total of 10 volunteers for the 6th Batch. That’s all I’m printing out so if you want to place some, you will need to wait until next month.

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6th Batch

6th Batch

6th Batch

All 32 images have been laid out. I am now starting to print. Would you like to place a packet of 6th Batch postcards in your town? Send me an email with an address and a photo I can post on the volunteers page.

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Your Smile

I like it when the person who finds a postcard takes the time to decorate the card and add something to it. This person apparently did not like their first drawing, added some paper and made another. Thank you for your persistence!

163 Smile

163 Smile

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