3 of 4 Swap-Bot Postcards



I like the low-down perspective of this one. It looks enormous like a tank topping a hill.

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2 of 4 Swap-Bot Postcards



Hmmm. This butterfly only has 4 legs. Here is the second brush and ink postcard for my swap due the 30th of September. When I see that little fella’s┬áproboscis I think of the curly sippy straws I used as a kid. I’d drink cherry Kool-Aid with it so I could see the colors whiz around. I wonder if butterflies can see the nectar moving through their long snouts.

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1 of 4 Swap-Bot Postcards

Dragon Fly


Checking out some other postcard groups helped me to find the Swap-Bot site. It is designed specifically for snail-mail swaps of many things including postcards. I created an account and signed up for my first swap.

I have decided to create my four postcards with brush and ink on watercolor paper. After visiting the profile page of the person I was assigned to receive my cards, I have decided to create some insect and animal images. My first postcard is of a dragonfly resting on a cattail. I will post the other three images here as well as the four cards I am slated to receive from somebody else participating in the same swap.

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