Ongoing Participation

  1. Find a return2me postcard in your hometown and become a Lucky Stranger. Just add something to it and drop it in the mail.
  2. Submit a picture and I’ll turn it into a postcard.
  3. Volunteer to distribute a packet of postcards. Please include an address where I can send your postcards. Send along a picture of yourself or a link to one so I can add you to the growing team of volunteers.

Every postcard has Business Reply Mail coding on the back. Just like the “No Postage Necessary” postcards that fall out when you open magazines. That way it is super-easy for the Lucky Stranger to just add something and drop it in the mail to return to me.

Read Me Bottle Participation

  1. Pull the ribbon and open the bottle
  2. Read the story
  3. Add to the story on the blank-faced, “no postage necessary” postcard
  4. drop it in the mail

5 Responses to Participate

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  3. Matthew says:

    I have found a bottle with a post card. I’m just trying to clarify. Do I write on the post card and return just the post card to you? What do we do with the bottle? Huge pressure here:)

    • awedjob says:


      Keep the bottle. Or give it away. It’s up to you.

      Continue the story online, as a comment here. Or, write it out on a piece of paper and return that to me. This brings up an issue I had not anticipated. “Where shall the finder of the bottle write the next part of the story?” With my next bottle I will include the story on a regular sheet of paper and a blank return postcard for the finder to compose their story addition.

      It’s a work in progress. Thank you for helping me work out the kinks!


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