Read Me Bottles

Read Me Bottle w/ Pull String

Read Me Bottle w/ Pull String

Congratulations on finding one of my Read Me Bottles. If you haven’t already, pull the ribbon and open the bottle up. Inside you will find an incomplete story and a blank postcard that has return postage included. Just use the blank postcard to write out your continuation of the story. Drop it in the mail and I will post it here.

If you like, you may also continue the story right here on this site as a reply comment below. I have posted all four incomplete stories as comments on this page. Find your story and post a reply comment.

Go here to view other placements of Read Me Bottles. A gallery containing other images of the bottles here.

6 Responses to Read Me Bottles

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  2. awedjob says:

    Edgar the platypus crawled out of his burrow to meet his friend Matilda. She is a wombat. Together they enjoy eating fish sandwiches and weaving household furniture at the bottom of Lake Keenakawonk.

    Last Tuesday as they were tidying up Matilda noticed a baby snail on the kitchen counter. It was crying deep, mournful sobs.

    “What is wrong little one?” asked Matilda.

    “Monsieur Chapeau has captured my parents and plans to eat them.”
    What happens next?

  3. awedjob says:

    This was no ordinary penguin. His habitat was in danger of disappearing and food was scarce. Predators were a daily concern. Quite normal for any arctic bird.

    Laurance was a micro-penguin. Scarcely taller than a pebble, his
    species was in constant danger from just about everything. Not that anyone else would or did notice him.

    After a sneeze from a walrus propelled Laurance into a wild-life photographer’s left nostril, things got interesting.
    What happens next?

  4. awedjob says:

    Maginique hit the ground with a
    thud. Her knees buckled but she
    kept all four hooves underneath her.
    She was not accustomed to having
    a rider on her back and today she
    had two.

    When they were airborne, the three
    travellers crossed over the border
    without a sound. But now they
    needed to go their own way. After
    dividing up the food, they made a
    plan to meet at the slanted stone
    in one week.

    What happens next?

  5. awedjob says:

    “My mittens are green. What color
    are your mittens?” Laura asked

    “I don’t have any mittens.” he

    “Why not? Don’t you have any

    “No” said Samuel.

    Laura had not noticed before. She
    put down her bear and moved
    closer to Samuel.

    What happens next?

    • awedjob says:

      As Laura looked closer, she noticed that Samuel had fins. He swims in water.

      At that moment, Laura decided to take her mittens off of her paws. And then, she ate him!

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