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Best Wishes

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Batch #1 Vote Results

It’s been about two weeks and the results came back in favor of the @AtomicVibes postcard as the favorite. That card and @HiYaBuddy are both tied for the most cards returned at five.

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Red Lips

It appears I don’t have a snap of this postcard’s placement either. I must be slipping. It is rather fitting that the image on the sticker placed on the back of the postcard matches the look @Francis has on his … Continue reading

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Hallo Francis

This person has written directly to Francis. Since they included their address, I blurred it out. Don’t think they expected it would ever be posted on the internet. It’s the second postcard returned that has an address. I think I … Continue reading

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Someone Is

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Buh Bye Batch #1

Tonight I placed my final two postcards from the first batch. @Francis ended up two napkins down the stack at a local Chipotle. I was able to surreptitiously snap the placement of @7thsanctum’s postcard at the Mann’s Hopkins Cinema 6. … Continue reading

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Been busy this morning placing more postcards.   Afterwards, I picked up the color postcards from FedEx Office They look spectacular. Now to add stamps, pack them up and ship them out.

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