#return2me is a mail art project. Kind of like postsecret but in reverse. Actually I got the idea for this project from listening to an episode of “The Story” with Dick Gordon called “The Notebook“.

How It Works:

#20 @schnuggelsche

#20 @schnuggelsche

1. PostcardOn a Dailybooth thread I asked people to post a picture comment and I would turn it into a postcard. The response was quite popular. Some images were interesting, lovely or just mundane. I liked them all. Everyone became a postcard. Once I got 32 submissions, I printed out a batch and began mailing them in packets to volunteers.

Jimbonius - happy volunteer

Jimbonius - happy volunteer

2. Volunteer This is the person who has happily agreed to receive a packet of 32 postcards, put return postage on them and place them around their hometown. Oftentimes it is somebody who has already submitted an image to become a postcard. I have sent packages to people just interested in placement and nothing else. @Jimbonius added a little paper clip stamp to the back of the postcard so his packet would be easily identified. I liked it so much I have since requested other volunteers personalize their packets too. There are currently 61 volunteers in 23 different countries!

Times Square Shuttle Placement

Times Square Shuttle Placement

3. Placementeither I or a volunteer places a postcard somewhere in the hopes that a lucky stranger will find it. The volunteer may take a picture showing how and where they placed the postcard. Even better if there is a little description about it like what @Jimbonius did here. This also gives other volunteers new ideas.

OperaCollective Times Square

OperaCollective Times Square

4. Return The moment we have all been waiting for; the return of a postcard. A simple message, “please add something and return to me.” is the only instruction on the back of each postcard just above the return address. To the right you will see what people wrote on the postcard that @Jimbonius placed and that they found in Times Square.

Solve The Code

Solve The Code

Bonus Sometimes the lucky stranger who finds the postcard adds a little something extra like a cryptogram, favorite quote, drawing or decoration. I get a really big smile when I see one of these in my mailbox!

Interested? You can participate in three ways.

My name is Scott Moore. I’m an artist, activist and athlete. Come with me and dream, create, achieve!

7 Responses to About

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  2. Well I just found one of your postcards today in the Galleria in an Elevator…..I think this is wonderful…..it made me cry…happily! I haven’t quite decided what I want to return, but definitely plan to! I’m big into Photography so you’ll probably get one of my photos…..I’ve attached a link to my blog…please visit…not many do!

  3. Cool! I dont know how yet! haha
    But I’m here to support with something!!

  4. awedjob says:

    Sure Luis. What did you have in mind?

  5. Hello
    I’m Luis, 21 years old, student of English and I’m from Brazil!
    I heard about your idea by Twitter and I really would like to help you with something!

    • awedjob says:


      Not sure if I ever connected with you directly. If you are still interested in helping out with this project, give me an email address. You can distribute postcards, submit a photo or just spread the word about the project. If you want to distribute postcards then I will need an address so that I may send you a packet.

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