Tapirs, Turtles and Tamarins



Dressed-Up Quixotic Postcard by the Turtles

Dressed-Up Quixotic Postcard by the Turtles

The Minnesota Zoo held a beach party inside their tropical exhibit today. They trucked in tons of sand, gave away free buckets and shovels and decorated with inflatable palm trees. What a perfect opportunity to place some postcards!

Since the snow was still coming down, there weren’t many visitors at the zoo. This made placing a lot easier. This one was still keeping the turtles company on our way out 3 hours after it was placed.

Asian Horses

Asian Horses

There is a lot of construction taking place during the zoo’s off-season . The nocturnal animals exhibit was almost completely closed off. The walls were put to good use to advertise  some of the zoo’s other features. Excellent spot for a postcard me thinks. After chilling with the gibbons for a spell, we headed to Discovery Bay. That’s where the sharks and dolphins hang out. It’s also where the bird show was scheduled to occur.

Sea Dragon

Sea Dragon

One of the funkiest animals I have seen in a while is the Sea Dragon. Looks like a chunk of seaweed adrift in the ocean. Study it more closely and you will see eyes, and a long snout with a tiny mouth. The display informed me that the slightest touch could damage them. I believe it. They looked so delicate.

The baby dolphin and her mother and father came out in the big tank to play with a ball. The dolphin show has been on hiatus for a couple of years now as the baby matures. Her grandmother, who was the show’s main attraction for a number of years, recently died. Perhaps they are still in mourning.

Heart Postcard Outside Tapir Habitat

Heart Postcard Outside Tapir Habitat

The bird show was canceled but nobody thought to post a sign or anything. The same Zoo person that had confirmed the time and location of the bird show 15 minutes before 3pm told us there was no-show at 10 minutes past 3pm.

I didn’t snap a picture of the postcard we placed on the giant money funnel leading out of the Tropics. By the time we headed home it was gone. High traffic and high visibility area. I’m guessing some child who was taking a quarter for a spin discovered it and took it home.


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